Water Wells for Cambodia

The Cambodian people endured Genocide during the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot era (1975-1979), resulting in 2 million Fetching waterdeaths or 25% of the population. Today, 65% of the population is under the age of 25 years. There is much needed to improve the country, especially in the realms of health. Families in rural area earn less than $2 per day and cannot afford to build water wells.

Drinking water is still scare at the rural areas in Cambodia. Most of the local people are dependent on the water from ponds, lakes and rivers for their daily use. This water is not clean, which can cause diarrhoea and other serious illnesses.

We do need funds and support so that we can build clean water wells for poor families, to improve the health, life expectancy and living condition of the community.

Digging a new wellEach water well costs US$500 (these are ‘best quality’ wells) and provides a family and their neighbours with accessible clean water. Without it, these people have to walk 4 or more kilometers in each direction each day to collect water for drinking and farming.

It takes two day to dig each well and pour the concrete, and the activity and employs three people. Each well has a signboard and this employs yet another person. When complete, the well is tested for Arsenic and E-Coli and the villager taught Showing off their new wellhow to take care of it.

If you would like to help, we’d love it if you would make a donation so we can build a well sponsored by you!


4 thoughts on “Water Wells for Cambodia”

  1. Dariel stephane & Antoinette says:

    Well done Bun. We are proud to contribute to your charity project !

  2. Riko says:

    Most Americans don’t boil our water unless there is a water main break, flood or puilbc announcement by the government. Our water supplier is supposed to notify us if our water doesn’t meet EPA or state standards or if there is a waterborne disease emergency. If we know all the contaminants in our water these days, we should take more precaution. Yeah, I agree, purifier + boiling is the best way to go! (I heard boiling alone doesn’t get rid of all the chemicals and metals in tap water)exile

  3. Nurul says:

    My name is Holly Laws and I am a physiotherapist in England UK.I am afarid I can only donate 2 days (Thursday and Friday this week) as Ifly to Laos the day after. If I can be any help either playing sport or anything else then please let me know and I cna come by and help.

  4. Terry lim says:

    Hi Norakbun

    I am writing from Singapore. I am a bit confused about the price for well donation in Siem reap. The price to dig a well varies from Usd 220 to 500. Can you explain what is the difference. I intend to donate a well.

    Terrylim & Celina Chin

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