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Bun testing the water in a newly completed freshwater well

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Norakbun Tin, and I have a heart for helping the Cambodian people.

I am originally from a rural area outside Siem Reap, Cambodia. When I was kid, I remember having to walk far from my house to get fresh water for our family. This is a memory that stayed with me as I grew older. After finishing high school, I moved from my village to Siem Reap where I now working as a tour guide.

On one of my tours, I met Paul and Joy Hogwood and told him of my desire to help the poor rural people of Cambodia, especially to help them with fresh water. With their help, we created this website to help spread the message and to collect donations to help Cambodia’s poorest people, to improve the health, life expectancy, living conditions of the community.

Please contact me if you would like to donate a well yourself. For only $500 you will be helping to provide fresh water to another poor Cambodian family.



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  1. peter thomas.....nsw.....australia. says:

    hello tin,i found this site;i have a friend 15km from siem reap and the well has dried up; I want to know if it is possible to dig this well deeper and how much this would cost and if you think it would be a good solution or not;i understand may people are in a desperate position;your opinion with local knowledge would be much appreciated…thank you and good luck.

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